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Group Life Insurance


What are the Life Insurance Benefits?

$100,000.00* of Life Insurance is payable to the beneficiary designated, should the Member die from any cause while insured under the group policy. A Life Insurance Beneficiary Card must be completed to ensure there is no delay in claim settlement.

*Please note: All active Members between the ages of 60 and 65 will be covered for $100,000 of Life Insurance. Members between the ages of 60 and 65, who are not active but are covered for benefits, will continue to be covered for $50,000 of Life Insurance. Upon attaining age 65, all Member's Life Insurance reduces to $10,000 and upon attaining age 70, the Life Insurance further reduces to $5,000.


Upon death, to whom are the benefits paid?

A beneficiary may be designated and may also be changed or declared to be for the benefit of the Member's estate. If any beneficiary dies before the Member, the interest of such beneficiary shall, unless otherwise provided, vest in the Member's estate. If a beneficiary is not designated, the insurance will be payable to the estate. 

To change a beneficiary, proper forms are available
from the Administration Office.


What happens to the Life Insurance if coverage ceases?
If the Life Insurance terminates because the Member is no longer eligible, he/she may take out an individual policy with Canada Life Assurance Company without evidence of insurability, at the insurance company's rates then in effect at the Member's attained age. 

The individual policy will not exceed the amount of
Life Insurance which ceases because of such termination. 

If the Life Insurance terminates for the Plan for any
reason, conversion may be made for up to $5,000.00 of the Life Insurance coverage to an individual policy, but only if the Member had been insured under this Plan for at least three years. 

Application must be made for the individual policy and
the first premium paid within 31 days following the date of termination of the Life Insurance coverage. 

Life Insurance will continue to be insured under the
group policy during the 31-day conversion period whether or not application is made for conversion. 

Only one such converted policy may be in force on a
Member's life at any time.


What happens if the Member becomes totally disabled?
Subject to satisfactory proof, submitted within 12 months from the date the Member under age 60 becomes totally and permanently disabled, as the result of an accident or sickness, the total amount of the Life Insurance in effect at the time disability commenced will remain in force without further premium charge, provided the Member remains totally and continuously disabled. 

Claims for total and permanent disability
must be submitted to the Administration Office within 12 months of the onset of such disability. 

In the event of a terminal illness, it may be possible to
receive a portion of the Life Insurance in a lump sum. Please contact the Administration Office.

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