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Transportation Assistance


Any person who is covered under the Local 97 Ironworkers Health & Welfare Plan will be entitled to submit transportation expenses for himself/herself or for an eligible dependent. (Eligible dependent is defined as one who is covered by the Local 97 Ironworkers Health & Welfare Plan.)


Covered Expenses
The following expenses shall be eligible for reimbursement: 

The actual cost of transportation, up to a maximum of 75% of the amount equal to the round trip commercial economy class airfare for transportation within British Columbia or Alberta or the Yukon Territory from the commercial airport nearest to the Memberís residence in British Columbia where regularly scheduled airlines depart from to the commercial airport located nearest to the facility recommended by the patientís physician where treatment, diagnostic tests or examination takes place. Within each calendar year no more than six (6) trips will be eligible for reimbursement. If, on the physicianís recommendation, the patient requires an accompanying person, payment shall be made on the basis of 50% of the airfare subject to the conditions as outlined, but only if air transportation is involved.


In conjunction with transportation charges, lodging expenses up to a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year at a rate not to exceed $30 per day, for a patient receiving treatment outside their area of residence, on presentation of the appropriate medical documentation and receipts, will be recovered.


The following are excluded from payment:

  1. The cost of transportation from the patientís home to the nearest airport from which regular scheduled airlines depart.
  2. The cost of transportation from the airport at the city of destination to the place where treatment, examination or tests take place.
  3. Any accident or sickness which is the responsibility of the Workersí Compensation Board, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia or any other third party.
  4. Any journey where the round trip is less than 150 miles.
  5. Treatment for services not medically required.


How a Claim is Made

  1. The Attending Physician must complete a form confirming the diagnosis, the facility or name of Physician who will see the patient and the date and time of appointment, also if the patient requires an accompanying person.
  2. The Physician who renders the treatment, examination or test will complete a form confirming the visit(s).
  3. Payment of expenses will be made directly to the Member, subject to receipt of the applicable forms.
  4. Should the patient be transported by car or bus, reimbursement will be 75% of the actual cost.

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