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Vision Care



Eligible Members and their registered* dependents are entitled to the Vision Care benefit.

*Spouse of an Insured Person, and unmarried dependent children to age 21, unless the dependent child is attending a recognized school, college or university on a full-time basis, in which case the maximum age will be 25. A child is not a dependent if he/she is eligible for or entitled to benefits under this Plan as a Member.


Covered Expenses
The following expenses shall be eligible for reimbursement:

  1. Single vision, bifocal or trifocal lenses, prescribed by a person legally qualified to make such prescription;
  2. Frames required when glasses are first prescribed or required to accommodate new lenses if existing frames are not serviceable;
  3. Contact lenses prescribed by a person legally qualified to make such prescription.
  4. For Members only, Laser Eye Surgery will be reimbursed in installments of up to $500.00 every 24 consecutive months, up to a maximum of $2,000.00


The cost of the following items are excluded from this Plan:

  1. Safety goggles, sun glasses (plain or prescription).
  2. Replacement of lost, stolen or broken lenses or frames.


Payment of Expenses
The maximum amount payable during any period of 24 consecutive months shall be 90% of the actual expense incurred or $500.00 whichever is the lesser for an eligible adult. A maximum amount of $300.00 payable during any period of 12 months for an eligible dependent to age 19.


Submit eligible claims within 90 days of incurring expense. Please follow directions outlined on the reverse side of the Extended Health Care Benefit claim form which is available on this web site or through the Administration Office or the Plan website.

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