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Weekly Indemnity


A Member is eligible for all benefits except Weekly Indemnity after satisfying the normal qualifying conditions of the Plan. A Member does not become eligible for Weekly Indemnity coverage until the first day of the second month after the Member has worked, and the Plan has received contributions, for 1,000 hours of work with a participating employer.

The Weekly Indemnity benefit provides, from the first
claim submitted, a maximum of 26 weeks of benefit. Once the 26-week maximum has been reached, either through one claim or a series of shorter claims, the entitlement to benefits thereafter will be limited to a total of 20 weeks. Once the 20-week maximum has been reached, either through one claim or a series of shorter claims, the entitlement to benefits will be limited to a total of 13 weeks. Once a Member has claimed the final 13 weeks (59 weeks total) he/she is no longer eligible for Weekly Indemnity benefits.

If a Member becomes totally disabled after they have accumulated the required qualifying hours but prior to the date the Member's coverage begins, the Member will be considered totally disabled on the date coverage begins.


How a claim is made for non-occupational Weekly Indemnity Benefits
The following steps must be taken as soon as possible after becoming "disabled" (unable to work):

  1. Obtain an E.I. Claims Kit from a Post Office or the Employment Office.** The physician's report must be completed and a copy sent to the Administration Office in order that they may provide the Member with Disability Credits. See Disability Credits.
  2. If the Member is not eligible for E.I. sick benefits, he/she must obtain a claim form from the Administration Office as he/she is entitled to submit a claim to the Ironworker's Weekly Indemnity Plan, provided a copy of the E.I. rejection letter accompanies the claim. Claimants must be under the care of a Physician and be treated in person during the period claimed for.
  3. Complete the front of the claim form.
  4. The attending physician must complete the Physician's Statement on the back of the same form. If there is any charge for completing this form, it is the claimant's responsibility.
  5. the claim should be presented within 30 days unless special circumstances prevent such.
** A Member claiming for a non-occupational accident may commence benefits from the 1st day of the accident through to recovery or to the maximum weeks of claim, whichever occurs first at $543.00 per week. However, the Member must make an application to E.I. at the time of the accident in order that benefits would commence with E.I. on the 15th day. The initial 2 weeks would be paid under the Health & Welfare Plan at $543.00 per week. 


On what basis are the Weekly Indemnity Benefits of $543.00 per week paid? 
Claim cheques are mailed to the Member's home address at the end of each 7-day period on the basis of $77.57 per day up to a maximum of $543 per week, provided the Member is not eligible for E.I. sick benefits, including Saturdays and Sundays. Benefit payment commences on the 1st day of a non-occupational accident or the 15th day of a sickness. If hospitalized prior to the 15th day of disability, benefits commence on the 1st day of hospitalization, provided the Member is not eligible for E.I. sick benefits during that period. 

All substance abuse claims will be paid a maximum
WI benefit of 6 weeks, provided they are in a rehabilitation centre and remain there for the full course of treatment.


Is it necessary to consult a Physician in person before making a claim for Weekly Indemnity Benefits?
Yes. The Physician's report is required to establish the record of the Member's inability to work and regular medical attendance will be required for the duration of the claim.


Will further medical reports be required?
Yes, depending on the nature of the illness and in addition, it may be requested to have an independent medical examination by the Plan's Physician.

Members returning to work, must be cleared in writing to do so by their physician.


Limitations and Exclusions:Weekly Indemnity Benefits
The Plan does not pay weekly benefits for:

  1. any injury or sickness:
    1. covered by E.I. sick benefits;
    2. covered by any Worker's Compensation or Occupational Disease Law;
    3. covered by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia;
    4. arising from or sustained in the course of any occupation or employment for compensation, profit, or gain;
  2. any pregnancy related illness during a period for which the claimant:
    1. is entitled to receive benefits from the Employment Insurance Commission; or
    2. is entitled to pregnancy leave of absence by reason of Provincial or Federal stature, or any greater period of leave as granted by your employer by way of contract or agreement, verbal or written.
  3. any Member who is in receipt of Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits

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